Herbal Therapies and Nutrition

Chinese Herbal Medicines have been used safely and effectively for many years. My study and practice of Oriental Medicine is rooted in the traditions of eating the right foods (minimizing or avoiding the wrong ones) and supplementing with Natural sources such as herbs.

In my pharmacy I include herbs from many traditions and areas around the planet, I insist on using herbs and herb companies that respect our natural resources. I do not use endangered species and the herbs I do use are Organically Certified when possible and meet or exceed western pharmaceutical standards by using GMP, GLP and/or GAP (Good Manufacturing, Laboratory, and/or Agricultural Practices).

I believe in providing the best quality and most potent herbs possible.

Although traditionally cooked into teas or “soups,” Chinese herbs may also be ingested as tinctures with or without alcohol as a base, in powdered, capsule and/or pill form or even externally as a poultice, plaster or bath. The goal is to make it easy for you to take and take regularly so that you can feel the difference natural medicine makes!